Justice Preaches Infrastructure Improvements at Marshall

Mar 15, 2017

Governor Jim Justice was in Huntington Wednesday to discuss what he says is a need for improved infrastructure in the state.

Credit Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

As part of the Save Our State Tour, Governor Jim Justice was at the Marshall University Engineering School Wednesday. His mission was to point out the construction and engineering jobs that would be created if his $2.8 billion roads plan succeeds in the state. Justice said changes have to be made throughout the state and that’s including a crumbling infrastructure.

“And if you have someone tell you that no, no it’s ok, it’s not ok,” Justice said. “I am telling you to the best of my abilities that if we don’t do something and do something right now, we’re going to spiral into no man’s land.”

Justice said his billion-dollar road plan will create 48,000 new construction jobs and a need for additional engineers in the state.