Governor's Office Leading Budget Negotiations

Mar 29, 2017

On The Legislature Today, there are several bills making their way through the legislative process that lawmakers are counting on to balance their respective budgets.

Meanwhile, many of those same lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are in talks with Gov. Jim Justice about how to close a budget gap millions of dollars wide. Jason Pizatella, Gov. Justice’s Deputy Chief of Staff, discusses how those negotiations are going so far.

Senators have approved their version of a bill to drastically restructure the state’s tax system, one day after Delegates killed their iteration of the measure. The Senate bill makes changes to the sales and personal incomes taxes. And while it shows an initial fix to the state’s budget hole in 2018, it could cause deficits in the following years.


Members in the House today took on two re-occurring issues this legislative session – substance abuse and education. House leaders have continually pushed legislation to increase the penalties for drug traffickers, but also bills that give local school systems more flexibility. Liz McCormick reports.