Focus on W. Va. Senior Citizens in Committee Budget Hearing

Jan 17, 2014

The Commissioner of the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services Robert Roswell told the House Finance Committee how the governor’s state budget cuts are affecting senior citizen services and programs around the state.

Robert Roswell presents the W. Va. Bureau of Senior Services' proposed budget to Chairman Brent Boggs and the rest of the House Finance Committee.
Credit Aaron Payne

“Within this budget, when we submitted it, we looked at where we could make cuts that we would do the least damage to services, to delivery of services,” Roswell said. “But, we made previous cuts and we’re, pretty much, in a position where when we cut funds now, we cut services.”

After the budget presentation, many of the committee members had specific questions about services, from the expansion of Medicaid to the variation in terms of services in different areas.

House finance committee chairman Delegate Brent Boggs of Braxton County says lawmakers will consider what they can do within the framework of the tight budget.

“I think the goal is to make certain that we have as many people in every county, regardless of size, that want to avail themselves of senior services have an equal opportunity to participate,” Boggs said. “Obviously, logistics sometimes come into play when it comes to someone living in a more municipal area versus some of the outlying points of the counties, but we’ve got to make sure that we include everyone to the best of our ability.”