Conquering The Snow, Telling Our Story

Mar 3, 2014

Larry Dowling conquers the snow on our roof in Morgantown
Credit Robin Mazza, West Virginia Public Broadcasting

It’s not always easy to tell West Virginia’s story. The weather can be harsh, and resources can be scarce.

So when an employee takes what could have been a miserable task and makes it fun...that’s deserving of special recognition. That’s why Larry Dowling is our Storyteller of the Month.

Dowling is a video director and producer in our Morgantown studios. Here’s how his fellow employee, Robin Mazza, explains what you’re seeing in this photo:

“I was headed out to my car and found Larry on top of the building, shoveling off ice and snow (that was flooding his office, the graphics room, and a couple other places.) John Nakashima was helping him and I never even would know if I had not seen them.

“Even when doing something this thankless, Larry is still making us laugh with his ‘King of the World’ pose.'

"So many folks up here deserve some recognition--our engineers during this awful winter, Bill Blaker for working long and hard on our HD install in the studio, all of the production team....and I hope you'll consider them too, but for now, I hope you get a giggle from this photo of Larry making a not-so-fun job look like FUN.”

Dowling directs some of our most important productions, such as our pledge drives and “Abracadabra.” He’s also produced some great West Virginia stories, from Fenton Glass to Timber Rattlers.

He’s also a lighting expert, and recently offered his expertise to the state Culture Center as it considers upgrading its lighting system.

Dowling is willing to pitch in whenever he’s needed in a variety of tasks -- and that defines what it means to be a storyteller in West Virginia.