Best of 2017: Children Coping with Trauma Get Help in W.Va. Schools

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

This morning and all this week we’re reaching into the archives to retell some of our favorite stories from 2017. Throughout our region, there are many communities with aging water systems built a generation ago by coal companies. As companies pull out or move on, communities are left to maintain the remaining infrastructure. One such water system is in Garwood, West Virginia. In one of our best-of 2017 stories, Inside Appalachia host, Jessica Lilly visited the Griffith family there about a year ago to find out more.

Another favorite story from 2017 features a pilot program in 11 West Virginia schools that aims to train teachers to recognize signs of developmental trauma and provide support for teachers and therapy for kids. Kara Lofton reports that, as the program continues its third year, schools are seeing big differences in kids’ behavior, and their ability to learn.