Beckley native Christopher Jennings featured on Pipedreams

Oct 21, 2013

Christopher Jennings

Christopher Jennings is a Beckley native and a renowned organist who is being featured this week on the public radio show, "Pipedreams."

West Virginia Public Radio no longer carries the program, but you can hear Jennings here.

Listen for him at the end of the first hour of the show, playing a song by Gerry Hancock called Toccata.

You can also find out more about Jennings at his website.

Thanks to Friends board member Susan Landis of Beckley for giving us the heads up. Here's part of her message to me:

Chris Jennings is from Beckley; his parents, Annette and Skip Jennings, still work and live in Beckley.

Chris became interested in music, specifically in playing first a piano and then organs, at a young age. When he was still in Junior High, he played the Noack tracker organ at the Beckley Presbyterian Church in Beckley (eventually becoming our paid organist long before he graduated from high school).

I once encountered him practicing and told him that one day I would hear him performing on Pipedreams.  He subsequently went on to college and grad school majoring in music, specifically organ performance, composition, etc.

He is a credit to West Virginia!