Clark Davis

Huntington Reporter/Producer

West Virginia Public Broadcasting's Clark Davis can be heard throughout the week on West Virginia Morning at 7:30am during NPR's Morning Edition.

Clark works in the Huntington Bureau of West Virginia Public Broadcasting covering news and public affairs for radio and sometimes television.

Clark joined West Virginia Public Radio in 2007 as the Huntington reporter.

Clark graduated from Marshall University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV and later in 2007 with a Masters in Public Relations.

Born in Huntington, Clark grew up an enthusiastic sports fan and has always been interested in radio.

He has been married since 2010.

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ARC Announcement
Clark Davis / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Officials from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the United States Economic Development Administration visited Huntington this week to announce millions of dollars in funding for Appalachian communities struggling with the effects of coal’s decline.

Heroin Injection
Psychonaught / Wikimedia Commons

Twenty-six reported cases of overdose in Huntington raised eyebrows throughout the state and country Monday evening. All 26 reports came in over a 4-hour period, putting the city’s emergency responders on high alert. Now Huntington officials are trying to figure out what caused the spike.

Almost half of the 26 reported overdoses happened in an around one east Huntington neighborhood, near the Marcum Terrace housing projects. It was reported that heroin samples were being handed out near the location.

Marshall Univeristy Applied Engineering Complex
Bastian & Harris Architects

Marshall University’s year-old Arthur Weisberg Family Engineering Complex has been awarded LEED Gold level certification.

The four story engineering complex opened just last fall on Marshall’s Huntington campus. In construction of the facility the university was aiming for LEED Silver Certification, a lesser recognition. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The LEED rating system is developed by the U.S. Green Building Council as the guide for buildings constructed, maintained and operated for environmental performance.

Jim Johnson, Joe Ciccarelli
Clark Davis / West Virginia Public Broadcasting


After over two dozen overdoses in a four-hour span Monday night in Cabell County, local officials gathered Tuesday to outline the situation.

In a span of a few hours Monday evening, there were 26 reported cases of overdose throughout the Huntington metro area. Most happened in one neighborhood in east Huntington near the Marcum Terrace housing projects where it was reported that heroin samples were being handed out.

Explorer Academy
Clark Davis / WV Public Broadcasting

  A group of elementary aged students are starting their first full week at a new facility on
Huntington’s east end today. The $15.1 million dollars Explorer Academy is in its second year of existence, but parents and teachers both agree the newly renovated building that will house the experimental learning program will only continue to expand the educational opportunities for their students.

The academy, which uses a new teaching philosophy called expeditionary learning, will now be housed in a fully renovated Beverly Hills Middle School after spending its first year crammed into Geneva Kent Elementary School.

Craft Beer Guide / WV Division of Tourism

  A new guide to West Virginia’s growing craft beer industry was released Monday by the state Division of Tourism.

The West Virginia Craft Beer Guide gives travelers an inside look at brews, breweries and craft beer events across the state. It’ll soon be available at eight Welcome Centers and can be requested online.

The pocket guide is divided into regional trails and craft beer events. To be included in the guide a location must be open to the public. The guide also includes a section where travelers are able to collect Craft Beer badges through the GoToWV mobile phone app.

Jonathan Wienke House
David Dishneau / Associated Press

  Court documents say a Department of Homeland Security employee who entered his agency's Washington headquarters with a gun and other weapons kept ingredients for explosives at home.

A document detailing a search of Jonathan Wienke's Martinsburg home was unsealed Tuesday.

Crop Aggregation Machine
Clark Davis / WV Public Broadcasting

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture hopes an investment in a new crop aggregation facility in Huntington will be the next step in helping the state’s economy grow through agriculture.

A nearly half a million-dollar investment sits in a warehouse space in the west end of Huntington. The large, silver and black piece of equipment spans the length of the warehouse in the National Guard Armory building on Virginia Avenue. It’s a root crop packaging machine that cleans and packages potatoes brought from various parts of the state.  

Evan Jenkins Lilys Place
Clark Davis / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Congressman Evan Jenkins was in Huntington Tuesday at Lily’s Place – an infant recovery center that inspired a federal bill helping others to create facilities like it.

The Nurturing and Supporting Healthy Babies Act is part of a larger set of bills known as the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act, or CARA, and it addresses the national opioid crisis. . Both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate passed the bill a few weeks ago. In just the last few days – CARA was signed by President Barack Obama.

Young WV Power Building Conference
Clark Davis / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

A group of young people in West Virginia are preparing to make their political thoughts heard during an upcoming Huntington event. Young West Virginia will hold its first conference next month attempting to incite some political change in the state.

A team of students ranging in age from middle school to college were on hand Tuesday at Marshall to announce the Young West Virginia Power Building Conference coming up August 27th and 28th. The conference led by students from aged 15 to 25 will address everything from voter engagement, racial justice, mental health, and college readiness, to LGBT advocacy. Takeiya Smith is a student at West Virginia State University and a co-chair of Young West Virginia. 

College Class, Lecture Hall
Xbxg32000 / wikimedia commons

The board that oversees West Virginia's community and technical colleges has rejected tuition increases for three schools.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports the Council for Community and Technical Colleges approved two of five requests to increase tuition more than 5 percent on Friday.

Four Pole Creek Flood
City of Huntington Facebook

Storms rolled through Huntington late Thursday afternoon causing Four Pole Creek to quickly rise, flooding parts of the city.

The flash flooding caused one death on Green Valley Road when a car with three people tried to drive through high waters.  One woman, Sherry Wysong, couldn’t be saved before the car was carried off the road.

The Nurturing and Supporting Healthy Babies Act sponsored by U.S. Congressman Evan Jenkins is headed to President Obama’s desk.

The Nurturing and Supporting Healthy Babies Act is included in a package of bills addressing the opioid crisis, known as the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act. The House of Representatives passed this comprehensive plan last week, and on Wednesday, it passed out of the U.S. Senate.

GRo Huntington, Jeannie Harrison
Clark Davis / WV Public Broadcasting

Addiction treatment specialists in Huntington are hoping something called nature assisted therapy is the next step for helping addicts in a program called GRo Huntington.

Supermarket Shelf
Philrj / wikimedia commons

SNAP clients who lost food in the last week’s flood are getting help.

Anyone in flood affected areas who lost food that was purchased with food stamps can get replacement benefits. The request for replacement food stamps must be made by Tuesday July 22nd.

Cigarette, tobacco
nikkytok / Dollar Photo Club

  Cigarettes are getting more expensive in West Virginia.

To balance the state budget, West Virginia will raise its cigarette tax by 65 cents to $1.20 a pack starting Friday. E-cigarette and other tobacco product taxes will also increase. The hike is expected to raise $98 million annually.

Summersville Dam, Summersville Lake
Huntington District Facebook Page / U.S Army Corps of Engineers

As storms rolled across West Virginia last Thursday unloading water in areas throughout the state, many of the state’s dams were functioning at high capacity. Aaron Smith is a Senior Project Manager with the Huntington District of the Army Corps of Engineers. He said dams like the Bluestone located in Summers county just upstream from Hinton did their job. 

Prison Bars
Schavda / wikimedia Commons

  No prisons in the state have been flooding in recent weather events, but high waters have created issues for staff of a few facilities in affected areas.

Lawrence Messina the Assistant Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety said Mount Olive Correctional Complex and the Anthony Correctional Center have staff who are off trying to cope with floods. As a result, the facilities are understaffed.

Coalfield Graduation
Clark Davis / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The Coalfield Development Corporation hosted its first graduation of the job training program, Reclaim Appalachia.

The two-year Reclaim Appalachia program provides training in environmental service jobs such as asbestos and lead abatement, mold remediation and meth-lab cleanup as well as offering classes on how to install solar power panels. 

Mayor Steve Williams ABC's
Clark Davis / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams provided the first of quarterly update on Huntington’s progress meeting its America’s Best Community Goals. 

Since Huntington was named one of the eight finalists in the America’s Best Community Competition in April, the city has carefully constructed an outline to begin meeting some of the goals they established for the competition.