Outages for TV & Radio

April 4, 2015

WVEP-FM is having issues, affecting listeners in the Eastern Panhandle and surrounding areas (Martinsburg, Charles Town and Winchester.) We're trying to figure out what's wrong and fix the problems.

For several weeks, many viewers in the Eastern Panhandle are experiencing trouble viewing West Virginia Public Broadcasting. An important and very expensive part on the transmitter has stopped working, and needed to be removed from the tower and sent to Canada for service before it can be reinstalled. The part is now being worked on in Canada.

Viewers in the Parkersburg area are also experiencing trouble with television reception. We are also waiting on parts to provide necessary maintenance. 

WVWS FM in Webster Springs is down for an antenna move and will be returning to service in early April.

We appreciate your patience.

Please notify us if you are experiencing an outage of our television or radio services by calling 1-888-596-9729 or letting us know online.