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These lessons were developed using the lesson builder feature on West Virginia LearningMedia.   There are over 100,000 resources in this digital library.  We have accessed just a fraction of what is available.  For complete access to West Virginia LearningMedia sign up for a free account today.

Grades 3-5-You are required to complete 4 lessons, one in each category.  Some of the lessons have more than one activity. It is not required to do all activities presented in each lesson, you may choose one art activity to complete for a lesson to be finished.  Each lesson is designed to be completed in one class period.

Grades 6-8-You are required to complete 3 of the 5 lessons.  These lessons were created  to be interdisciplinary in approach.  They are designed to take no more than 2 class periods to complete.

What technology do I need available?  We understand the available devices vary between schools.  Each lesson requires that short video clips are viewed as a part of the lesson- this can be done on one screen or on individual devices.  If there is an activity which requires technology, you will see that a non-tech option is also provided.

Who can participate?  The lessons are written for a teacher or adult working with students.  The challenges are open to students in 3rd through 8th grade.  It was anticipated that classroom groups would take on that Challenge; however we recognize that this would work well with an afterschool program.

What if I work with multi-age groups?  We would ask that you choose one age category and enter in that group. 

Can I enter more than once?  Since the lessons are done with a group and a teacher may do the  Challenge with more than one group, you may enter for each group of students with whom  you do the challenge.

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If you are interested in learning more about using LearningMedia in the classroom let us know.  We also produce a bi-monthly newsletter that will keep you up to date on the activities of WVPB Education. Newsletter sign-up