Aerial view of Yeager Airport
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A small private plane skidded off the taxiway at Yeager Airport in Charleston.

The plane went off into the grass toward the end of the taxiway Wednesday night.

Director of the State Budget Office Mike McKown , Secretary of revenue Bob Kiss and Deputy Secretary Mark Muchow in the House Chambers.
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State officials say January's tax collections provided no signs of an economic turn for West Virginia.

The state collected $374.3 million in revenue last month. Those figures were down $9.8 million from January 2015 and missed estimates by $11.5 million.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, we’ll hear from Governor Tomblin about what he thinks of the 2016 legislative session so far and we’ll take a look at possible causes of a sharp increase of Lyme disease in West Virginia.

Legislation to ensure West Virginia can pay its bills through the end of the year is now on Governor Tomblin’s desk which he says he’ll sign quickly.

But bills to repeal the prevailing wage and implement right-to-work provisions, those may see a veto. We speak with the governor tonight.

Also on our show, changes have been made to some controversial pieces of legislation, and the Education Chairs join us to discuss their work during this 60 day session.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia

The State Election Commission, led by Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, has taken up objections to individual contributions for Supreme Court candidates seeking public campaign financing.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

In the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning, members took up House Bill 4012, the West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

In its introduced version, this bill would ensure that, in all cases where state action substantially burdens the practice of a person’s religion, judges would be directed to apply strict scrutiny  in court procedures. The bill also provides a claim or defense to the person who felt they were wronged.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

In the House Wednesday, Delegates made changes to the Right-to-Work bill, which will be up for a vote in the chamber Thursday.

Senate Bill 1 was on second reading in the House. This is the West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act, or more commonly known as Right-to-Work.

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A report released today from Families USA found that West Virginia has one of the most successful Medicaid expansion programs in the country.

The report used U.S. Census data to compare the rate of uninsured workers in all 50 states during 2014, the first year Medicaid expansion was offered. It found that West Virginia had reduced uninsured worker rates by 30 percent – 5 points higher than the expanded Medicaid state average. Non-expansion states reduced their uninsured worker rates by 13 percent on average.

Mayor Williams, Michael Kilkenny
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The Huntington area has consistently been at the forefront of the state’s fight against drug abuse and overdose deaths. One of the biggest issues to emerge in that fight is the availability of the opioid blocker Naloxone. The Cabell-Huntington Health Department made an announcement Wednesday that could change things.

State officials say Cabell County reported 900 overdoses in 2015, with 70 deaths.

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West Virginia board of education member Wade Linger has resigned, citing frustration over what he called the state Legislature's long-term tinkering with the board's work.

State school board attorney Mary Catherine Tuckwiller confirmed Linger's resignation Wednesday.

As the vote to repeal the state’s prevailing wage draws closer in the West Virginia Senate, Democratic members of the chamber are not being silent about their opposition. Wednesday, two Senators attempted to amend the legislation on the floor.

Lyme, tick, Lyme disease, IDSA, infectious disease, WVU
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In June of 2007, Victoria Snyder, then age-nine, attended a week-long church camp. During the week she began to feel sick – muscle aches, lethargy, headaches. A doctor at the camp thought it might be the flu, but she didn’t get better. So after camp, her mother, Christine, took her to see a pediatrician.

“The pediatrician found a bullseye ring on her stomach,” said Christine. “I felt a lot of relief when they put her on antibiotics because with Lyme disease, we knew what we were dealing with.”

Black lung is a deadly disease caused by exposure to dust underground.
Department of Labor

The second phase of the federal Mine Safety and Health Administrations landmark rule that’s meant to prevent black lung disease, took effect this month. Among other requirements for companies, coal miners basically will be required to wear personal dust monitors.

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Lewisburg City Council members have approved a human rights ordinance after an ongoing debate over the measure.

The Register-Herald reports more than 500 people attended Monday's public hearing, which lasted for five hours, on the proposed Ordinance 254.

Patrick Morrisey, W. Va. Attorney General
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Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's office has settled a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical distributor for $2.5 million.

Morrisey's office announced the settlement with Miami-Luken on Tuesday. A news release says the settlement resolves allegations that the company failed to detect, report and stop the flood of suspicious drug orders into the state.

Elementary Classroom
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The schools superintendent in coal-focused Boone County suggests cutting about 77 positions due to falling tax revenue and declining enrollment.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that Superintendent John Hudson said the school board will vote on the issue before March 1.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, the chairs of the House and Senate are attempting to take on one of West Virginia's biggest problems- substance abuse.

Democratic Senators continued with attempts to slow or kill a bill that repeals the state's prevailing wage, but the GOP majority maintains the bill will help West Virginia's economy.

Sean O'Leary with the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy and John Deskins with the West Virginia University Bureau of Business and Economic Research discuss the possible economic impacts of the bill that will be up for passage in the Senate Thursday.

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Lawmakers are considering a change to the way natural gas accidents are reported at the state level.

The House Industry and Labor Committee took up a bill Tuesday that clarifies who is alerted in the event of an accident on a natural gas well site or pipeline.

Elk River
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A former owner of Freedom Industries has been sentenced to three years of probation and a $20,000 fine for a 2014 chemical spill that fouled the drinking water supply of 300,000 West Virginians.

Charles Herzing was sentenced Tuesday in Charleston federal court. He's the second of six former Freedom officials to be sentenced on pollution charges.